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Invest Cyprus Roadshow 2020 Kazakhstan - Digital Series

Cyprus: Your EU Gateway to Global Investments - Kazakhstan

  • What makes Cyprus an attractive investment destination? Key economic sectors and investment opportunities in a thriving EU Jurisdiction
  • What makes Cyprus an ideal business location for companies to establish European and International Headquarters?

Wenesday, 2 December  2020, 16:00-17:30

Chair’s Introduction

Welcome Address
Michalis P. Michael
, Chairman, Invest Cyprus

Keynote Address
Constantinos Petrides, Minister of Finance, Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus Economic Outlook & Investment Climate

  • Response to COVID-19
  • Overview of the Cyprus Economy: Key Growth Sectors
  • Cyprus as an Investment Destination: Investment Climate and market Opportunities

George Campanellas, CEO, Invest Cyprus

Doing Business in Cyprus: an introduction. Why Cyprus is an attractive jurisdiction for international business 

Establishing your Corporate Regional and International Headquarters

Practical Examples of corporate headquartering and structuring for Kazakhstan corporations

The Cyprus Tax System: Benefits for corporations

The Cyprus Tax System: Benefits for individuals

The Cyprus Kazakhstan Double Tax Treaty and its benefits

The Cyprus Legal System

The Regulatory Framework

Overview of the Banking system in Cyprus

Cyprus: An Emerging Asset Management and Fund Hosting Jurisdiction. The Growing Investment Funds Industry in Cyprus

Living and Working in Cyprus

  • Lifestyle in Cyprus
  • Working in Cyprus
  • Health and Education systems

Questions & Discussion 

Closing of Event

*The Conference programme is preliminary and subject to change by the organizers. The Conference language will be English